Get ready to rumble! Before you get started, please read through our standard rules, code of conduct and judging criteria for Phase 1 (ideation). When you’re ready, sign into the pShift Hub and have fun!


  1. Participants can either join as an individual, or be in a team of up to 4 members.
  2. Participants cannot join more than one team.
  3. Participants must be of the age of 18 and above.
  4. Teams can submit more than one concept in Phase 1 (ideation), but will need to focus on the one concept that takes them to Phase 2.
  5. Team formation cannot change after the end of Phase 1.
  6. Interaction with experts in the online forum is optional and happens at the sole discretion of participating teams. Teams should take appropriate care to preserve their hackathon intellectual property as required.
  7. Each team is only eligible for one final prize.
  8. Teams are not permitted to submit software that is already developed and commercially available.
  9. All Submissions must: (a) be original work and not be owned by or subject to any other person or entity having any right or interest in it; and (b) not violate any Intellectual Property Rights or other rights including, but not limited to, contract, copyright, patent, trademark, and/or privacy rights, of any other person or entity.
  10. All intellectual property (IP) will belong to DBS Bank. At the discretion of the firm, if a participant wishes to own the IP, DBS reserves the right of first refusal.
  11. If an Application is submitted, the Application may include the use of open source software, provided that (a) the Participants comply with applicable open source licenses and (b) that the applicable open source license terms will not require the release, disclosure or distribution of any part of the Application back to the open source community or to any third party under any circumstances.
  12. If an Application is submitted and the Application requires any additional third-party software to function, Participants must state the name and use case for that software.
  13. All DBS staff (permanent, full-time, part-time, contract) and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this global hackathon.



  1. Please treat all other participants with utmost respect. We ask that you act kindly, behave professionally, and do not insult or put down other participants. Remember that harassment and racist, sexist, or exclusionary jokes are not appropriate for this event. If at any point you see a fellow participants being harassed, please reach out to the hackathon organizers in the pShift Hub and find them in the Forum, under "General Hackathon Matters".
  2. Please treat our experts, organizers with respect. Without them, nothing would be possible. Make sure to engage with the experts in the forums to see how you can improve your concept. Simply log into pShift Hub and ask them questions in the forums!


How off-the-wall / innovative / creative / unique is the idea? Was there a novel approach applied to solve the problem?

Is this addressing a key customer pain point? How is it solving the problem?

Have you used data in a interesting way? Are you planning to call out to relevant type of data?

How useful is this concept for your primary target customer? Can it impact the lives of many people in a significant way? Is there a business potential?


Are the functionalities robust, rigorous and designed with precision, in order to demonstrate the optimal performance of the heart of the solution – its core system?

Ultimately, was it the most ideal usage of the selected technologies for this solution? Or would there have been better options and/or applications?

Does this solution actually work? Could this scale as a real solution with multiple users?

Is the interface intuitive and user-friendly? Does the overall flow of the customer journey in that solution make sense?