What do I do at this global hack?
You and your team (or you alone) come up with brilliant concepts and prototypes for a chance to win big:
  • US$100,000 in total prize pool for the top teams
  • A chance for a job at DBS
  • Have your solution implemented at DBS!
Benefits for all participants include:
  • Online access to engage with our expert panel
  • Webinars with DBS leaders
  • Free credits on AWS and Azure for those progressing to Phase 2
Who runs this global hack?
DBS Bank. We're a leading financial services group in Asia, and are headquartered in Singapore, with a growing presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia. In 2018, we have been fortunate to be named the Best Bank in the World by Global Finance, and the World's Best Digital Bank by Euromoney, and in 2019 we received the award for the Most Innovative Financial Institution in Asia by Global Finance.


Do I have to know how to code to participate?
We welcome everyone to join! If you don't know how to code, you may want to team up with someone who does. Think of a concept, and based on the programming needs, you can find and enlist eager coders on forums such as the various developer groups on Facebook. You can find them by programming language and geographical location.
How old do I have to be to participate?
You must be 18 years old and above.
Do I have to pay to participate?
Absolutely not! This hackathon is free for participants.
How many people are in a team?
We welcome individual participants, and teams of 2-4 persons. Each team must have a team name.
What if I don't have a team?
We welcome individual participants! Just make sure that as an individual, you will be able to deliver the solution as prototype. Also, an individual must still register a team in the pShift Hub in order to submit your concept(s).
Can I change teammates along the way?
You may do so within Phase 1 (ideation). Once your team has moved to Phase 2 (prototyping), the teams are locked in.
Can I participate with an existing idea or a project from my start-up?
You can participate with an idea that you have not worked on before. Any existing idea(s) or projects related to your company that are already made available in the market will be disqualified.
What if I don't have an idea?
Check out our inspiration page as idea starters. Those broad themes are some of the areas that DBS is currently exploring. As we're a customer-obsessed organization, we like to think about the customer pain points first before applying the technology as an enabler.
Do I need to go somewhere for this hackathon?
All phases will be online. Unless otherwise notified.
What about intellectual property? Do I own my code?
All intellectual property belongs to DBS Bank. At the discretion of the firm if a participant wishes to own the intellectual property, DBS reserves the right of first refusal. Please contact us at PShift@dbs.com.
When do submissions close?
For Phase 1 (ideation), submission close on July 5. That said, the sooner you submit your concept, the better your chance at getting the attention from the judges. For the rest of the deadlines, please refer to the Timeline.
When do submissions close?
For Phase 1 (ideation), submission close on July 5. That said, the sooner you submit your concept, the better your chance at getting the attention from the judges. For the rest of the deadlines, please refer to the Timeline.
How do I know if I'm advancing through the phases?
At the end of Phase 1 (ideation) by July 12, we will notify you of whether or not you're moving ahead to Phase 2 (prototyping). You can check our Timeline. for more details.


Okay, I'm interested. What do I do?
First, you'll need to register as a participant.
  1. Click on the Sign Up button
  2. Enter your details
  3. You'll get an email confirmation with your new login and password
  4. Complete your profile
And tada! You are now registered in pShift Hub. You can now confirm your team, collaborate with your team, chat with the experts in an open forum and submit your solution details.
What is the pShift Hub?
pShift Hub is the enclosed space for registered participants. You will be able to:
  1. Register your team (make sure your teammates are registered themselves so that you can add them to your team)
  2. Collaborate with your teammates
  3. Ask the experts questions on the forum
  4. Submit your concept(s)
How do I make my submission?
  1. Go into the pShift Hub by clicking on the Log in button
  2. Once in your participant space, click on "Submit concept"
  3. Fill out the form and attach any materials that will help illustrate your solution
  4. Submit your concept(s)
Can I or my team make more than one submission?
For Phase 1 (ideation), yes absolutely! Each team can submit up to 3 concepts in Phase 1. Just note that to progress to Phase 2, we will only pick one concept per team. So our advice is to submit 3 concepts to maximize your chances of progressing to Phase 2!
Why do you want to know so much about my profile?
In addition to engaging with you on your novel solutions, we're also interested in spotting great talent. If you're interested in exploring opportunities at DBS Bank, simply tick the checkbox "I am interested in recruitment" on your profile page in pShift Hub.
How do I engage with the experts?
We have an exciting panel of experts from DBS and its partners, and they can't wait for you to ask them questions! Within the pShift Hub, you will find the Expert forums with 6 key topics. Each topic is hosted by experts - you may find the experts by topic here.


But I have more questions!
Log into the pShift Hub and find the "General Hackathon Matters" forum. Ask your question there, and if it's relevant to more people, we'll add it in this FAQ section!